Provide unforgettable shopping experience using Magento Ajax cart extension

Provide unforgettable shopping experience using Magento Ajax cart

Sometimes customers might leave the shopping cart without purchasing because it takes too much time for page loading. To resolve this issue , Magento  Ajax Cart extension helps the eCommerce industry which takes one step forward. It gives a faster shopping experience  for your customers thus allowing them to checkout from your ecommerce store a lot quicker and lead to more sales.

While customers are saving only a couple seconds, you’re still shaving off some time from the customer’s buying process which will ultimately start adding up. It gives too delightful shopping experience and compells to revisit the shopping cart.

With Magento Ajax Cart extension, your customers can add as many products to cart as possible or remove items from cart without having to hit “Update” button and wait for pages to reload. From this, your customers will find it convenient, exciting and time-saving to buy the products on your site.


It’s working with all product types: simple products, virtual products, downloadable products, grouped products, configurable products, bundle products. It’s also working well with Wishlist page and shopping cart page.

Ajax cart is a state-of-the-art improvement for your existing Magento website whatever it is selling or providing. Compared to a default Magento store when customer clicks on Add to cart button on any pages it will go to product details page then customer will add product to cart. However, with Ajax cart extension customer can add products to cart instantly without going to product details page.


In case the product is a configurable one with different options, when customers add this kind of product to cart, Ajax Pop-up window will display the product information and relevant product options. Therefore, customers can select appropriate options right away for the product and then continue shopping or go to checkout page.

On the Ajax pop-up, if customers click on “Continue shopping” button the page will not reload and customers can check and add other products to cart easily right on the page. If customers click on “Go to Cart page” button, it will move to shopping cart page where customers can complete their order.

One more flawless feature born with Magento Ajaxt Cart extension is that it allows you to display (or Not display) related products whether they are up-sells or cross-sells seamlessly on the Ajaxcart pop-up window together with selected items log. Although the presence of related products is probably humble, it is an effective solution to raise your customer’s loyalty to your products (as they will not find any further elsewhere for other items to complete the look), as a result, it is steadily increasing your profit.

After product is added to cart, My cart (top link) and Mini Cart (sidebar) will be updated automatically. Moreover, on the mini cart window, customers can remove items without page reloading.

Admin can configure to

  • Enable/Disable Magento Ajax Cart module
  • Display or not display product summary information for products just added
  • Enable/ Disable for JQuery using

Specially, Magento Ajax cart extension is designed to not overwrite any files of Magento template. So, you can use this Magento extension for a lot of different Magento themes.


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