PWA: The definition and advantages in Magento 2


Progressive web app ( PWA) is a far-reaching fresh concept for website development that stretches this thing out. Many eCommerce store owners have already felt the positive result after implementing PWAs. There are huge advantages when using Progressive Web Apps in Magento 2 such as conversion rate growth, decline in application weight, rise in the number of users. However, not everyone understand exactly what this means and how it can benefit their business. That’s why we’re here to help. Below, you can read all about PWA definition and advantages in Magento 2


What is PWA?

PWAs are web apps that is mostly used for trending website technologies to generating a fast and better user experience. PWA allow you to build a your website responsive, and compatible with any browser, mobile phone, as well as tablets. There is an improved offline function offered by PWA which operate as an offline mobile app. A PWA makes your website very responsive which works well with your

PWA in Magento 2



Magento 2.3 and 2.4 is launching new functions to help owners online store create PWAs. These new functions will make PWA more effective; by that, making Magento 2 platform more excellent than alternative platforms. Besides, PWA comes with advanced reporting feature. This means that owner store will be able to view the statistic about their website; such as: the number of visitors and the time on site. In the new version of Magento 2, we can see some of the same advantages as before. It should be noted that in the PWA Studio, there is an advanced API layer in which responses are smoother than they were in previous versions. Magento is considering adding a brand new API style to make PWAs even smoother than before and support owners store to control over their website’s customization.

PWA for Developer

Mainly, the programmers has to generate an absolutely various project in the root folder of Magento 2. With the support of React application and the usability of GraphQL. It will be able to communicate with the back-end. Below given are the other components of the project.

  • Peregrine hooks and components: The Peregrine hooks and components are a pack of useful components, and with the support of responding hooks the reuse of many general features such as routing, price display, etc.
  • UPWARD: It admits the servers how to respond to the data queries and it’s between the PWA storefront and the Magento backend which is an API that is mostly utilizing for locating all queries in one place and provide the return of a response.
  • PWA-buildpack CLI tools: With the support of this tool, the setup of the local environment is created by the assistance of development tools.
  • Workbox: It is one type of Google’s library that bring you an offline support.
  • Visual components & venia store: It is famous as the visual components and the theme nucleus.

PWA for User

PWA operate like the other apps of the smartphone when the user utilize the website. It provide the option to set up the app in their mobile device. Once the user successfully set up,it instantly work and the offline app is also featured to send the push notifications to the users.

Why choose PWA for Magento 2 store?


PWA offer you a low costs to get into the app stores. As a huge business owner store, you need to save time and money. Building a native app will be more expensive than choosing a PWA application. The expense of developing and maintaining PWA for the Magento 2 store will be much cheaper than a Magento 2 website plus a native app for iOS and Android because it’s a cross-platform product. For a native app you’ll have to build and maintain two distinct apps — one for Android users, another for iOS.


Progressive web app differ from the native app and responsive website

Great Usability

One of the big advantages of PWA is that it’s simply to use. The store owners can get benefits of the PWA POS system for their e-stores. Staff can get benefits of Add to Home screen funtion and offline mode of the PWA itself. Sale assistants can sell products immediately with the Apple or Android tablet while shoppers determine to purchase something from the shelves. In addition, the loading time of the PWA app is speedily. That means the available functions of your website remain the same in the PWA app.

Reach More people

Mobile users are developing rapidly, but there are people looking at your store from the browser. How to optimize for both object? When you use PWA for your Magento store, you can take full advantage of the functions used in applications without being limited to a single layout or format. The users on your site will be able to take advantage of both a web-page and a mobile version of your website. Moreover, when visiting your site from a mobile-version, customers will get a pop-up notification to add the web app to their home screen. Thanks to push notifications function, it’s effortlessly to notify your customers of news and promotions. According to some surveys, the open rates of push notification are even more possible than that of email marketing.

Great for SEO

Because PWA work as an app and web-page at the same time, it can smoothly optimize for mobile to provide a wonderful user experience, and the pages render remarkably fast. Accordingly, you are getting greater visibility and better ranking in search engine, which leads to more page users and increase sales.

Works Without Internet Connection

If you have a PWA website, your customers will be able to visits your website without an Internet connection. In that way, the users easily browse your website from anywhere, and such things as weak or no Internet connection won’t damage their shopping experience. This is done by Service Worker who caches the data when the device is online thus the cached content can be retrieved while offline.

High Performance and Instant Load

With the support of the Service Worker, your website can load surprisingly fast. All the information is cached and showed with or without the internet connection. The page will run smoothly, and most users won’t even see the page loading. This offers your potential customers instantaneous access to your website; thereby, enhance the likelihood that they return.

No manual updates

Native apps require users to go to the App Store or Google Play to update the app. With PWA, your shoppers are not worried about notifications to update the app manually as no updates are required for PWA same as it is when browsing websites.

Cons of PWA for Magento 2

  • It offers limited features on iOS devices.
  • Limited default offline capabilities
  • Less good quality of Magento PWA developers in the market.
  • Most extensions are not PWA-ready

Magento is a scalable and flexible platform. But before deciding to implement any functionality to your Magento store, you need choose a trustworthy Magento development agency. Then, you can plan which features to implement to your existing website or how to perform customization if needed.

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