Rich Snippets: 12+ Common Types To Use In 2019


Rich snippets, in general, are special information texts used to display additional information. They are contained in special articles: reviews, products, applications, recipes, company addresses, etc. on search engines: Google, Yahoo, etc. to provide more valuable information to users. They also help identifing the searching results which users are looking for.

Each type of Rich Snippets has different specific benefits. But all of those benefits is to highlight the results of our website on search engines. Along with it, adding valuable information to users, increasing the likelihood of them, clicking if that information matches their search needs have also improved significantly.

This blog will introduce you 12+ common rich snippets types in 2019. The author has referenced to some other blog from and


Display navigation links in the post category. Its use is to help searchers understanding which division the articles is belong to and the link’s structure leading to it.

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This type is one of rich snippets is suitable for all types of businesses, especially if your website has a rich structure.

Event Rich Snippets

rich snippets

An example of using event rich snippets

It displays important information about the events you are searching and. These events have posted on the websites or fanpages. This information includes event name, time, end time, event venue and host.



Displays information of the agency or organization that owns the website. This information includes organization name, office address, phone number and link to website.

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rich snippets

 Displays the workplace, work location, etc. of an individual.


If you are a buyer, you can search and compare among these same products with these ratings. They are shown below searching results.


 An example of products rich snippets

The result when you search “top homestay”

If you are an online seller, you can add the necessary information about your product on search engines such as price, reviews. You also see how your customers rated your products.


This is interesting information for food and cooking blogs. This feature will display the important information of a culinary article such as time of completion, the amount of calories in food and information reviews the article.


(1) used recipe rich snippet, (2) did not 

This one of rich snippets types is suitable for all types of businesses, personal blogs, POIs, knowledge websites, etc.

Review by ranking 

Displays product or articles by rating . It is suitable for blog marketing or affiliate.

rich snippets

Star rating or rating on a point level

App Ranking

If you a have a mobile application that contains your content you can benefit from the so called App indexing. For example, you have a news portal. You can link this content to be opened in the app right from the mobile SERP. If the app is not present in the system, user will be redirected to the Google Play store (or App store).


If a user searches for a general app like “top apps 2019”, the special colorful app grid will be displayed, including results for Google Play / App store applications. After clicking on one of them, he/she will be redirected to the store or to the app.

Facebook Share 

By default when sharing a certain link on Facebook, it will automatically display the tittle, image and trailer. Normally we cannot control this information to display as we want. But now you can do it with rich snippets including custom titles. This is called by another name dedicated to it is Facebook Open Graph.

rich snippets


Ads are an inseparable part of Google SERP since they appeared for the first time in 2000. They appear above and below the organic results.

Nowadays, you can play with a lot of catchy and useful ad features such as telephone number, directions, sitelinks, reviews and many others to get even more powerful ad. 


The result when you search “booking”

Suitable for: All types of businesses.

Map pack

In other words, local businesses displayed on the map. A map pack usually appears on the top of the results, however, it can be found “in the feed” too. It may also include a special actions – book a hotel, find the best restaurant by rating, etc. and options to filter and sort.

products rich snippets

Claue Themes for Magento 2 by ArrowHiTech – provide store locator which will appear when searched by Google

Suitable for: All types of businesses, especially local businesses like restaurants, hotels, etc.

Answer box – one of new rich snippets

It appears for search queries that are looking for a quick answer like: “How many calories has pizza”, “Weather in sydney”, “Mexico population”, etc. 

There are many different types of answer boxes, such as: “weather widget”, “exchange rate”, “top sights” or even “earthquakes information”. All of them have one thing in common – they answer the user’s question directly, so it is not necessary to click on any organic result. This can lead to almost a zero click to the results. 

rich snippets

An example of answer box

Media features – Image or video pack / carousel

One image or vide says more than thousand words. Image pack is a common feature in the SERP. Google usually displays images that describe the query, especially for fact queries (“food”, “mobile”) or product queries like “fastfood”, etc. It may appear anywhere in the organic results.


Suitable for: All types of businesses, especially e-commerce websites or factographical websites.


So that’s all for now. This list will be updated. Share your favourite rich snippets by commenting below!

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