RMA in Magento 2: The benefits for handling returns and how to set up in Magento


RMA (Return material authorization) is an e-commerce term that describes an arrangement in which the supplier of a good or product agrees to have a customer or client ship that item back to them in exchange for a refund or credit. This sort of agreement, which is also called a return merchandise authorization or returned goods authorization, allows for a higher degree of guaranteed quality.

Return is an inevitable situation in business. Allowing buyers to return unflavored or defective products is a way to attract and assure the product quality and stores’ services to their customers. Online shops can get trouble in return management activity because this process is pretty complicated and affect directly to both sites’ benefits. Understand the need, Magento 2 RMA is built to help all Magento 2 stores handle customers’ return requests and exchanges easier to protect customers will and eliminate business risk. 

In this article, we will discuss about the benefits for handing returns and how to set up it in Magento.

Main reasons why online stores exclusively need RMA in Magento 2


We will discuss deeply five main reasons that your Magento stores in need of RMA tool in this part.

Assure customers of product quality 

Online shoppers cannot see and try the products before placing orders but only can view pictures, video or reviews of others. This undoubtedly makes online shopping riskier. To eliminate this risk level, return allowance is crucial for every e-store since buyers often have nothing to count on when shopping online.

A return possibility tells customers many things about your store. It can be the feeling of security and trust that they cannot be treated even buying from distant. It also can be the store guarantee for their products and service quality. Customers are likely to interpret the return policy as “We are confident of our products. Let’s try it and you will be persuaded”. 

Offer flexible solutions for return request

In order to minimum customers’ risk and stores’ loss, return nowadays can be solved by many alternative solutions. Instead of giving back the items and receive money, customers can choose other options appropriate for specific situations. Replacement can be used in the case customers want another product after receive the previously ordered ones and they just change their mind then.

Choosing to fix items often happens with the broken or defective orders that stores can make sure to recover it in the guaranteed period. Another effective alternative is that the refund amount can be redeemed for store credit used later on your website. This is more beneficial to merchants since buyers only can use the amount on your store and they are forced to make further purchases to use the credit. Naturally, some of them become your long term customers. 

Make the return process a pleasant experience

No one can deny that return is unpreventable for sellers, especially online sellers. As customers cannot visualize and try the products in real, sometimes it does not meet their expectations when they receive it. Hence, a return is likely happening in this case.

But how can you make this process seem a negative experience into a comfortable and convenient one? Just offer customers the right to return whatever they want and also talk to them to share thoughts and ideas mutually. You can understand your weakness most when you welcome return customers. At least they give them helpful feedback to improve your products and services better. 

Build store reputation with high customers satisfaction

The last main reason why you need RMA function is to eliminate the negative reviews on your websites by providing customers the tool to communicate and send their bad experience directly to stores. Over time, shoppers realize your stores as a highly trusted brand name with a few bad reviews and a flexible return policy offered. They never have to worry about the risk of online shopping. Bringing a shopping with the joy and free-worry for customers is a mission that any e-stores are forwarding to. 

Save time and cost for e-stores in the long term

Continuing the story above, we all know that return means losing money at that moment. No store owner prefers it. But if you see it in the long run, you will welcome return at that beginning of your career as a lesson to success later. Each return customer is a lesson for your business. Do not hesitate to listen to them, learn from them and turn their not-really-good-experience to the better one.

By an advanced return extension, you do not need to worry about return and complain which are out of your control. Customers can send return requests and leave comments into that request. Only store admin can read it. Now you can do anything such as apologies, giving promotions and compensation or exchanging of the alternative methods of return. That is a great idea to deal with your customers privately. 

How to set up RMA

By default, RMA requests can be submitted by customers from the storefront. Requests to return individual items are managed by the Enable RMA attribute, which is managed in the Advanced Settings section of each product record, under AutoSettings. By default, the configuration settings are applied to the product. If Enable RMA is set to “No,” the product does not appear in the list of items that are available for return. An RMA can be generated only if there is an item in the order that is available for return. Changes to the value of the Enable RMA attribute apply to both new and existing orders.


Enable RMA for Product

To enable RMAs:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, click Stores.
  2. In the Settings section, choose Configuration.
  3. In the Sales section in the left panel, choose Sales.
  4. Expand the RMA Settings section.

config-sales-sales-rma-settingsRMA Settings

5. Configure RMA settings:

  • Set Enable RMA on Storefront to Yes.
  • Set Enable RMA on Product Level to Yes.
  • Set Use Store Address to one of the following values:
    1. Yes – Send returned products to the store address.
    2. No – Enter an alternate address for product returns.

config-sales-sales-rma-settings-address-info (1)

RMA Settings with Alternate Address

6. Click Save Config.


The Advantages of having an RMA in your store are genuinely straightforward. It will allow your business to devote more resources to sales rather than return management. It will also make your customers more joyful by speeding up the return interaction. In addition, an RMA availability ought to urge buyers to go through more cash.

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