Shopping Online: Common Problems Faced By Customers

Shopping online

Shopping online is now very popular.  Along with the development of e-commerce, the customer’s demand of online shopping has created online shopping trends. Although the forms of online shopping are becoming more and more diverse, there are problems that customers have to face up with.

Unclear information on the product files

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It doesn’t matter if an online store has good description. However, if product files contain poorly written text, poor quality images or imprecise specifications, the consumer may wonder about the quality of products when they do shopping online. Details make all the difference, so it’s important to take care of your product files.

Poor Logistic and Long Delivery

One predicament that constantly turns up while shopping online is when the orders are delivered. Although most of e-commerce sites have order tracking systems for their customers, they aren’t always accurate. Shippers often turn up at customer’s home when they are at work or out somewhere. There’s no way to fix a particular time slot for the delivery to take place. This same problem exists while returning products. Another problem is that people living in rural areas are unable to shop online because not all e-commerce sites provide delivery services to their locations.

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Amazon Delivery

Long delivery times is also a serious problem for B2C trade. Although in business-to-business, it can be offset by the price or volume of products. While certain e-commerce offer same day delivery, most stuck in deliveries in 2-3 days. Consumers don’t like waiting when shopping online.

Poor Searching Engine

Customers choose shopping online because it is also to avoid waiting or queuing when shopping in store. So there are no reason for them to keep waiting when shopping online just because the website loads slowly and has poor searching engine. Most consumers search for several minutes in a category before selecting one or more products for purchase. If navigation is not smooth, they will end up getting tired and leaving the site, leaving behind an abandoned shopping cart. This is one of the problems faced by ecommerce consumers when shopping online.

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Inflexible return policy

The product sheets must contain a link to the return policies. If they are better than the competition, highlighting them can be a great idea (immediate return without commitment, for example). In any case, return policies cannot be imprecise. The customer shopping online needs to know what to do if a product does not have the quality he expected.

If the ecommerce is not able to satisfactorily answer questions like: How will you recover your money? Who will take care of the recovery of the item? etc., probably the purchase decision will never occur. The result will be an abandoned cart at best and a rebound most of the time.

Quality of product is not as expected when shopping online

The quality of a product cannot be known until the consumer examines it with his hands. It does not present difficulties in traditional retailers. But that is not the case with ecommerce store. Most consumers are used to this difficulty and therefore expecting to find certain guarantees when shopping online.

Boring Interfaces

While overwhelming site structures can be a bummer, websites with insipid interfaces don’t get much done either. It’s hard to get attention of the customers. So, make sure you get it right at the first go.

Shoppers are an impatient lot. Get their attention with attractive website designs that allure visitors and give them an enjoyable experience both on desktops and other handheld devices like mobiles, tabs etc

Possible Solution: Make sure your web pages don’t take too long to load. Give interactive product guides to keep visitors entertained and engaged at the same time.

Insecurity for the customers when shopping online


Investment in cybersecurity is growing year on year, due to the increasing number of threats to governments, companies, and businesses internationally. E-commerce sites record important customer data like name, phone number, address, and bank details. If these sites don’t implement stringent cyber security measures, your data is at risk of falling into the wrong hands, who can then wreak havoc on your bank account. Most of the big players in online shopping certainly have the best-in-class security measures to protect their customers’ details. But the same can’t be said about the countless smaller sites who may not have the expertise to do so.

Lack of payment options


Common payment options

This is another common problem when shopping online. A lot of times, consumers do not know how to make the payment if the debit cards they use are not available as an option. Customers are also often stuck with the payment options when Cash On Delivery is not available. 

With online frauds picking up steam, most customers prefer paying cash on delivery as they are skeptical about sharing their card details. This is a common complaint by many customers these days. They do not have many payment methods that they can use and trust.

Nonsensical requirement to complete a purchase

According to a study, 3 out of 10 online consumers (34%) abandon their shopping cart when they are forced to create an account. This is just one of many requirements that should not be imposed on first-time shopping online customers. Amazon, for example, reports the advantages of registering on its platform, but in no case imposes registration on its customers.

Poor customer service

This is the main problem customers face when shopping online. When they want to ask more information about the product to the seller, they get too slow reply. This situation is similar for customers who have purchased and are having questions or problems with the product. 

shopping online

Some online retailers may also face it because their technology is restricting them or they have hired the wrong partners/agencies to help them manage their projects.

Retailers who want to achieve growth must be built on good technology. They have to choose the right shopping cart solution, inventory management software, email software, CRM system, analytics, and more.

The bottom line

Online shopping is growing fast in the world and that means e-commerce is quickly becoming a necessity for retailers and even many B2B companies. The good news is it’s never been easier for smaller companies to get into e-commerce and reap the many benefits.

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