Food website: Tactics to increase online sale


To build a successful presence, you need to ensure that you’re optimizing your website for specific users in your market. In addition, generating brand awareness, creating conversion, bringing back customers are always going to be driving factors behind any methods you make your website- regardless of what your business specializes in. The food and beverage industry is often thought to be unique online in both presentation and user engagement tactics. Therefore, this is a brief overview which helps your food website increase online sale, gain more loyal customers and tips to avoid users leaving your food website.

1. Imagery in your food website expresses an idea better than text.

In your food website, you shouldn’t use the large amount of copies that convey core messages to your audiences. Using minimal text with excellent images is going to do a better job at express your central ideas than have too much text. You don’t make the readers overwhelmed because of big paragraphs. Instead, showcase what you are known for and bring it across with the images you use for your food website.

2. Custom images are beneficial investment for your food website

In the food industry, custom photography is one of the most valuable things you should invest. Your customers want to see the images of your food, not stock images in your food website. Therefore, investing in your custom photography for your food website is the best way to give them authenticity of your images. Through these images on your food website, the customers can expect the best from your brand and products. Nobody wants to read the long food description, they want to see it. In short, show customers who you are and what you do on the your food website which helps to build trust and makes users feel more easily to buy product or service form your food website.

3. Mobile version of your food website

You can be sure that most of your users aren’t going to be sitting behind a desktop – they are on-the-go. Therefore, it’s necessary that you have a responsive food website to reach your audience on mobile devices. The mobile version of any food website should feature concise message associated with images in order to stress key points effectively without making users feel bored with too much text – especially on a small screen.

Moreover, you should spend time to look at your other multimedia elements and consider alternatives if they affect your food website’s load times slower on mobile. Not everything of your desktop version is going to be suited for mobile version. However, the overall look of your mobile site should have branding that is consistent with your desktop version.


Optimize mobile version for your food website

4. Structure your food website for usability.

The fail of structure food website is developing through the mindset of how the users should use it, instead of how their team uses it internally. This makes the food website development process lacking navigation elements that are clear and easy to use. Remember that the simple navigation is more friendly than the complex something for users use. Besides, you also consider that most of the important information should be above the fold. And it is clearly visible and give users an impressive idea of what your company is in case they don’t have time to look through the entire page.

5. Understand your audience before building your food website

When you are first starting to build your food website, you have to determine the audience to reach before creating new design assets for the site. Due to the nature of the online food business, it’s common to have new customers and existing customers, so you should plan the best way to engage with them. As a result, many food websites meet the needs of audience and convert the regular customers buying a single item to wholesale buyers.


For the existing customers, you need to find out not only who they are but also how they use your food website. In addition, for new customers, you show the reason to be interested in your products and to engage with you.


6. Every food website needs to engage users

In any vertical, you should use content, stories and images to engage with customers and always have a call to action. Moreover, for the food industry, having a set of categorized buttons that highlight products and service is a method to interact with users. While your food website also provides them more information that makes your business different from others.

You want users to engage with your food website or complete a conversion, whether that is registering for your newsletter, blog feed or following your social media .

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