Store Locator: Simple solution for complex problems in online store

store locator

Although the existence of Google Maps & business and directory apps, more and more businesses are now implementing store locators to online store as part of their marketing mix. This post will help you understand the symbiotic relationship of your online presence and offline stores and how you can optimize store locator for your online store.

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What is Store Locator?

The store locator is a function you can add to your business’s website helps your customers to find your nearest store and the shortest way to get there —  If you sell your products not only online, but also offline, store location functionality is not an option, but a necessity! It is a chance to increase sales to local  and create long-lasting relationships with them, while your buyer can enjoy purchaser  delivery of ordered products for free.

store locator

How can the Store Locator help your online store?

1. Grow sites’ traffic
Adding a store finder to your website, it means that your buyers have to visit your site before finding out the related stores. As a result, It would help the number of traffics to your main website increase considerably

2. It saves time and money for both owner store and customer
A strong store locator will provide your customer the full information about your store. Consequently, it also speeds up customer’s research process and removes potential frustrations. In other words, the owner store also less calls from customers looking for specific information about your products and more time for important matters

3. Increases trust and overall branding
If you prove your clients that you have a bunch of offline stores, they will certainly know that you are the real deal, a real business, with real people

4. Gather valuable data for marketing purpose
When customers use your dealer locator, the system can log user activity which you can consider to figure out store locator trends. You can collect information they used if applicable like promo codes, zip codes and track where exactly people are searching from, their demographics, how often they search, and a lot more. These data can be used to optimize the best time and place to launch your campaigns, and overall improve your customer service.

5. Protect valuable distribution network
The distribution network is the most crucial in any ecommmerce website . Many shoppers anxious about their valuable lists will be reveal. Dealer locator help to hide the bulk of the lists away on a secure server and it only outputting tiny fragments at a time
6. Work  for SEO
The local search rankings of your store would be improved appreciably thanks to the local content, which is included inside the store local platform.

Tips to optimize your store locator

1. Use automated location detection services
Geo location helps users search faster to find the nearest location. Most shoppers today search on their mobile, and it can be discouraging for customers to have to manually type in your store’s postcode

store locator

2. Showcase promotions to drive footfall

Another way to drive people into your store is to showcase offers and add calls-to-action (CTAs). You can also combine your store locator with dedicated local pages to encourage more clients to make the online to offline switch, or even hold social media contests for your customers that involve entering a store.

store locator

3. Provide filters if your stores’ offerings vary

Filter features can provide your customer with store-specific information so they’re less likely to be disappointed

store locator

4. Make it responsive
Once your store locator is installed, ensure that it adjusts to the size of a variety of different devices.
5. Add keywords for SEO
Keywords specific to the location (city, region, etc.) and the products and services offered there will help to ensure higher rankings in online search engines

 6. Have local content
Adding local content specific to each store will help to improve that SEO and ranking.

How to add store locator  in Magento Website?

In  the default CMS functionality offered by Magento, you can use simply location listing implementation. However, if you want to add a full dealer locator functionality, you will need to install an extension of your choosing and customize it if necessary.


If you want to build a online store with this strong feature, all thing you need to do is a ready design themes included Store locator feature.  We have prepared for you a selection of Magento 2 theme that may be of help to you:  Magento themes collection by Arrowhitech

The bottom line

Store locator applications is a cheap and become a passive marketing tool that enhances your overall omnichannel.  Most famous ecommerce website have it . There’s no reason why you not.

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