Health Magento 2 themes: The top 5+ themes in 2022


In order to be healthy, we should keep doing sports on a regular basis, take care of our bodies, and eat vitamin-rich food. On the internet, there are tons of websites that attract customers with tips, tricks and diets that they are interested in. However, before the information can be given on the website, the interface is more important, because of the first impression. Some clear, minimal yet elegant, modern health Magento 2 themes will drag your customers to your site.

Just to be clear, there are lots of health Magento 2 themes that are available on the market. Picking one of them is not an easy task to do, and this could take so much time to search for the perfect theme for your store. So now, we would like to introduce to you guys the top 5+ best health Magento 2 themes that will make your store much more flourished. Let’s get right into the list!

HOT!! The version 2.0 of Claue have been released


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Claue Magento Theme  2. 0  has been released with a bunch of performance improvements and exclusive features. Especially, we complement the bundle for Free with One step Checkout Extension M2, the extension allows customers to checkout in one step! Save more than $200. Here’s a peek at a few the changes we’re most excited about

  • Being based on Luma theme.
  • Free with smart One step Checkout
  • Meet all standards of Magento Theme
  • Significant performance improvement
  • Compatible with most third-party extensions.
  • Fully compatible with Magento 2.4.x

This second advanced version completely differentiates from its previous one. Thus, if you are using Claue version 1 and want to update to Claue version 2, you can only rebuild a new website no rather than updating from the old version.

1. Organie – An Organic Store, Farm, Cake and Flower Shop Magento 2 and 1 Theme – one of the best health Magento 2 themes in 2021

Organie Magento Theme is made with intuitive and graceful obsession in mind to serve a huge objective that is to provide an all-in-one Magento theme dedicated to Farm produce, Cakes, Flower shop, Health care services and any other stores you name it. It takes the best of Magento to represent a high performing and purely impressive online store. This could be the one you can choose among the best health Magento 2 themes. 


Furthermore, Organie is built based on MGS Front-End Builder and tons of extensions. So, it will bring a power for you to transform your dream shop into a magic digital outcome is limitless. Let Organie flourish your business and reach your full potential today. Your sales and conversions when it comes to health care will thank you. 

2. Arangi – Organic & Healthy Products Magento 2 Theme – one of the best health Magento 2 themes in 2021

Arangi is built from the default Magento 2 theme combined with Front-end CMS Page Builder with 36+ block elements and MGS Theme Settings, making it highly compatible with third-party extensions. This is the most innovative of the Arangi template so far, with a strong comprehension of UI, UX design. This theme served tons of purposes, such as Organic cosmetics, organic medicine, organic food,…all for good health.

This is considered to be one of the greatest health Magento 2 themes so far. Furthermore, The Organic Templates package is bundled with MageSolution’s extensions, which can save up to $799. So, it will empower you to transform your dream shop into a limitless magic digital outcome. Let Arangi flourish your business and reach your full potential right now. Check Arangi – Organic & Healthy Products Magento 2 Theme now!

3. Organica – Organic, Beauty, Natural Cosmetics, Food, Farn and Eco Magento 2 Theme

Organica Magento Theme is a great store specialize in selling organic products such as cosmetics, food, nutritional food, nutritional drinks. This is such a beautiful and fully responsive template, and probably one of the best health Magento 2 themes in 2021. You have many advertisement forms such as Banner Slideshow with big images, effects and useful text, Blog with posts, Testimonial.

Organica is the advanced theme with features that make Magento even more powerful. With green is the main color and white background and black text, this Magento 2 theme bring bright feeling and neat structure. Daily Deal module make customers concentrate on discount products with countdown timer which are styled beautifully. You also show products of each category in each tab with the Category Tabs Slider module.

4. NatureCircle – Organic Responsive Magento 2 Theme

NatureCircle is an advanced Magento 2 theme that perfectly designed and developed for all kinds of organic stores, including organic food, organic fruits and vegetables, organic cosmetics,…NatureCircle is customizable and easy to use. Fully responsive, Retina ready, powerful admin and good support and much more. Design is airy and wide with static blocks and Magento extensions. This is one of the best health Magento 2 themes in 2021.

Category Top module lists popular categories and thumbnail category in slider with detailed instruction in documentation. Blog and Testimonials and Instagram bring comments, feedback from customers for you and help you advertise new products, promotion more popular. Giving customers new products, bestseller products, most viewed products, featured products, discount products with Products Slider modules.

5. Selena – Organic Responsive Magento 2 Theme

Selena is another organic responsive Magento template from Plazathemes. It comes with 4 nice home pages and useful Magento 2 extensions. Selena is best for shop owners who are planning to expand and cover the online market as well. Selena theme is fully responsive and retina ready and ready to be loaded by any type of device or web browser. The layout is clean and neat. Static blocks with organic images are shown beautifully. 

With the fresh template, you can also run blogs and testimonials. Show categories in each tab with Category Tabs Slider. Timers are beautiful in discount products with Daily Deals. Moreover, many Magento modules integrated. You can translate your website to other languages very easily. Selena theme is full of amazing features you need for creating an online store.

6. Colora – Organic Responsive Magento 2 Theme

Colora theme brings a clean feeling with a neat and wide layout. Titles of modules and cms blocks are orange, big, bold font. Fonts are nice and attractive – very suitable for organic store. Using fewer modules in the homepage, but very full function for an ecommerce online store. This is one of the best health Magento 2 themes in 2020. 

Homepages are designed beautifully and logically. Background images are elegant with green, red and brown. Category page has two modes grid/list, toolbar and Layered Navigation – helps filter attributes of the product such as price, manufacturer, size, color,… Blog and Testimonial and Instagram help customers and shop owners connect and understand each other more via posts, comments, feedback.

Final words

This should be the conclusion for the best responsive health Magento 2 themes in 2021. We hope that by integrating this theme, you and your business will be much more flourished than ever. If you want to build a high converting Magento website with e-commerce & technology experts at an affordable price. Let’s explore our Magento Development Packages. Book a free consultation with our experts and we can build with a business model and roadmap that match your requirements.

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