Top Magento Shopping Themes & Extensions

Shopping online has never been easier than today. Customers can buy their favorites and everything they need, whenever and wherever they are. The difference between a good and a bad online shopping experience determines the success of the shop. Therefore, it is crucial for shop operators that the perfect design and all extensions run on their Magento shop.

In this blog post we will have a look at some shopping themes for your Magento store and which Magento extensions will boost the shopping experience.

Shopping Themes

The following three Magento shopping themes can easily be customized and therefore are perfect for a lot of different kinds of shops. If you are searching for more branch-specific designs you can check out our blog about certain branches:

1. Orson

Preview of Orson Theme

  • Mobile Optimized
    Mobile commerce is one of the key features every online shop should be optimized for. Orson provides a fully responsive website or a mobile optimization theme
  • MGS Front-end Builder
    The theme comes with the MGS Fron-end Builder, an easy to use CMS Page Builder for Magento
  • Customizable
    Additional to multiple header, footer, and size layouts, the Orson Theme allows the admin to change the font and color individually. This means that the appearance of the site can be matched with the Corporate Design of the company.
  • Includes tons of extensions
    The theme includes a tone of useful shopping extensions like “One-Step Checkout”, “Social Login” or the “Store Locator”.



2. Hebes

Hebes Theme Preview

  • Powerful Admin Panel
    The Admin Panel of the Hebes Magento Shopping Theme offers easy to use customizing tools
  • Advanced Product Presentation
    Hebes offers a variation of different product presentation layouts. Besides Video presentation and Hover Zoom for product images, it supports 360° views of products.
  • Outstanding Features
    Hebes allows guests on the page to create a wish list which provides new customers with a better user experience. This shopping theme also overs Instagram shopping solution by integrating the Instagram stream into your shop.



3. Porto

Porto Magento Shopping Theme Preview

  • Well-Developed
    The Porto Theme is on the market since 2014 and therefor has been optimized and evolved by the experience of thousands of users
  • RTL support
    The theme is ready to use for multi-lingual websites operating in countries writing from the right to the left (RTL) of a page. This includes Hebrew or Arabic for example.
  • Scalable Layout
    The Layout is ready for Mobile and Retina Displays and has a responsive mode which can be turned on or off


4. Kosmic

kosmic Magento 2 theme

  • Latest Magento Version Compatible
    The theme is ready with the latest Magento 2.3 version.
  • Contains Premium Extensions
    The Kosmic theme contains inbuilt extensions like Blog, Mega Menu, Testimonial, Product Zoom, Shop by Brand, etc. that will be useful for every eCommerce stores.
  • Powerful Backend
    Its advanced theme options panel makes it possible for you to change the look of your eCommerce site without any coding skills.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
    You can easily use the website buildup with Kosmic theme with any major browsers. It works perfectly with all your favorite browsers.


Magento Shopping Extensions

Magento Shopping Extensions help you create a better user experience in your Magento Store. The user should feel as comfortable as possible and should not have to overcome any hurdles when buying online. When buying themes like Orson or Hebes the main features are already included and don’t need to be purchased. For a lot of other themes we collected some of the most important Magento Extensions you should consider when building a shopping experience.

Delivery Date & Time Extension

Preview of the Delivery Time Extension

Offer more detailed shipping options to your customer by giving your customers the choice of pre ordering. Let the customer decide when to receive the order so he can make sure he will be at home to pick it up.



Ajax Cart

Ajax Magento Shopping Cart Preview

The Ajax Cart Extension offers a better user experience than the default Magento 2 shopping cart feature. While customers on the default version automatically get to their shopping cart when adding a new product, the Ajax Cart opens up in a little pop up so the user can decide if he wants to continue shopping or check out. Furthermore related or recommended products can be presented in the pop-up window to take advantage of cross-selling opportunities.



Layered Navigation

Layerd Navigation Magento Shopping Extension Preview

An easy and intuitive filter helps customers to shop for their favorite and fitting products. Layered Navigation provides the customer with a wide range of different filtering options. In combination with AJAX Loading it shows a live update of the search results while adjusting the criteria.



Configurable Product Purchase Variables

Configuration for Products Preview

On default Magento you are only able to buy a specific number of products with the same color. For buying different colors in different amounts and sizes you have to repeat the shopping process over and over again. The Configurable Product Extension enables you to do all of it in one purchase. Choose different colors and quantities in just one step. The prices and shipping will be calculated instantly and is shown in a live preview.



Product Tabs

Product Tab Extension for Magento Shopping Preview

Product Tabs are a small feature enabling shop owners to create no limited custom Tabs for the product information section. With the extension a quick and easy set up without coding is possible.



Shop by Brand

Shop By Brand Preview containing HTC Sony and Samsung

In addition to the Layered Navigation another filtering tool can be the Shop by Bran Extension. It enables the customer to search for his favorite brand. Different Brand Pages containing information about the brand and all offered products. Furthermore the Brand Pages can be SEO optimized to attract more customers through search engines.

We collected the TOP 10 Shop by Brand Extensions in one of our Blog posts:
TOP 10 Shop by Brand Extensions


Store Locator

Preview of the Store Locator Magento Shopping Extension with a map on the right and a list of locations on the left

If your shop is not only based online, the connection between the online and offline shop is important in order to tap possible Omnichannel potentials. This can be an in-store pickup or simply an online promotion for some local stores. With the Store Locator, you can easily insert all your locations into one easy-to-use interface.



Magento Banners

Banner Extension Preview with sales example pictures

By showing Banners on your shop you can easily promote your new arrivals or the current sales. The Magento Banners Extensions is an easy to use solution to insert banners to your shop without any need of coding. The flexible way of publishing even allows you to set up banners for flash sales in just a few steps.



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