UX design: Top trends you should know for 2020


As breakthrough as all of these new technologies has been, this influences design trends every year. And it seems like UX design trends will be huge in 2020, as we will witness aesthetics and technology come together like never before. During the last few years, UX design has wholly shaken the grounds of how apps can address user’s challenges. It has changed the way we do our chores, make our plans and invest our money.


UX design trends in 2020

With the changes in human behavior, usage related to personalized and automotive has increased. So now, we – MageSolution would like to introduce to you guys some of the latest trends of UX design. By following these design trends, you and your business will be far ahead of the e-commerce competition. As a result, sales and conversions will stay on your side. Let’s go!

1. Multi-platform integration


Multi-platform integration

In 2020, UX will be imagined and manifested to form into solutions. In other words, 2020 will witness a departure towards auditory and even tactile interfaces. Voice-based interfaces, gaming consoles, automobile dashboards, interactive TVs and many other innovations are examples. They are expected to come over the existing mobile, desktop and tablets predominant today. 

2. Compelling storytelling UX design

Businesses today are required to tell a compelling tale around the digital experiences they offer. So, following the trend, it has become so crucial that your design catching up. To be exact, it is all about preferences, behavior, and customer journey. You should provide users with the exact content and the relevant technology for most audiences. TL;DR: UX is incomplete without content.

3. Minimalism ruled

Make sure you are creative enough with the minimalism in UX design. Because following the trend, it looks like, minimalism is shaping the UX trend. Keep into consideration that you are encouraging your users to spend the longest amount of time on your application.


Minimalism ruled UX design

Some points to take into consideration:

  • With context-specific features in mind, keep a common user navigation pattern.
  • It’s a good idea to implement time-saving design features. This is to provide the utmost value and decisive user journey.
  • The user is not overflooded with unwanted pop-ups and unnecessary notifications.

4. Increasing data and design integration

Designers and developers increasingly collaborate. That integration will continue and deepen as data and design connect more intricately. And the most design-forward companies use data to make a big difference on the bottom line. Designer-to-developer ratios are at a healthier balance and design systems are commonly adopted. So, businesses should learn to think about UX design quantitatively and “mingle” with code.

5. Reimagine information architecture

The information architecture on a website refers to the structural blueprint that illustrates the information flow. The UX design needs to simplify complex information architecture and make it easy for users to access. This allows business makers to research and learn what information is important to the success of their product. That way, they can be able to address the needs of the users by providing access to what is desired.

6. Mindful designing

Usually, designers tend to follow ruled-out design patterns. What makes a designer tremendous and helps them to stand out is their ability to fit in end-users’ shoes. Mindful designing seems to have a positive impact on user perceptions. This is because it helps the users to stay loyal to the brand. With the help of UX design, it’s the trendiest way to attract potential customers and enlarge your customer base.

7. Custom navigation


Custom navigation in UX design

Products that deliver customer experience is the ultimate UX trend of the coming year. There are proven conversion methods and prerequisites for specific goals. However, if we think about supporting a brand with powerful visuals, navigation being one of them. There are two types of navigation elements: visible and hidden. It’s important to design navigation relying on how the information flows. To conclude, navigate the effect, not its residue.

8. Inclusive UX design

User Experience design must aspire to excel in filling gaps in user satisfaction where traditional products fail. The design must be inclusive and customized. This is to suit the unique needs of every consumer group. UX design must include focus groups with disabilities that have traditionally been left out of the digital revolution. These changes when executed will create landmark changes in the way our society functions.

Final words

That should be it! Here are the top trends of UX design in 2020 that you should know. 2020 will be all about acquiring new knowledge and skills, and UX won’t be left out. UX design-related businesses can keep doing the best tasks: research, ideate, and iterate. By having these trends, your e-commerce store will be much more flourished than ever before.

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