Vue storefront vs Magento PWA: The differences and which is the best PWA platform for Magento

Vue storefront

Vue storefront and Magento PWA are inclusive solutions for building PWAs. But to know which one of them can be really effective for your online business is, of course, no easy matter. Today in Magesolution’s article, we’ll show you a deep-dive on this matter in order to help you finally select a fitting platform for your business.

Vue Storefront is the latest toolset developed with the support of the VueJS framework for integrated Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Magento PWA is the toolset from Magento that developers can use for building a PWA business Storefront by utilizing the power of Magento CMS. Before we compare two solutions in detail, let us show the definition of PWA

What exactly is PWA?

PWA comes with everything eCommerce websites need in this omnichannel time. Shoppers buy on PWA-powered stores oftentimes realize a distinct difference in their shopping experience such as offline access, good performance, and streamlined accessibility irrespective of slower network connection, better integration of device features and functions, advanced mobile-optimized user interface, and many others.

Progressive Web Apps breaking the obstruction between them brought the best of both worlds, namely, web and native mobile apps. PWAs redefine the way we experience and interact with the web and mobile apps.

Pros and Cons of Vue Storefront

Vue storefront

Vue Storefront is fundamentally a VueJS based PWA based toolset that has been built to develop an e-commerce storefront with constant customer experience. Vue Storefront supports almost several major e-commerce CMS platforms such as Magento, Spree, Cornershop, Shopware, Episerver, and other customized CMS solutions.

Vue Storefront is already an inclusive solution for creating a powerful e-commerce website and business websites with an app like an interface and customer experience. The solution has its advantages and disadvantages that we will look at here.


  • Vue Storefront provides well equipped PWA solutions that are ready for production.
  • It comes with a strong contributor community.
  • It offers an open-source and free toolset.
  • If you use Magento CMS, it is compatible with both Magento 1 and Magento 2.
  • It is a Platform-independent platform
  • At present, it is a more equipped toolset with a lot of functions not available with PWA Studio.


  • Vue Storefront is developed by an independent development business and you have to depend on their policies.
  • There is growing concern over the conflict as soon as the Magento updates.

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Pros and Cons of Magento PWA Studio

Vue storefront

Magento PWA Studio is a set of tools to help merchants optimize their website to the fullest by using elements of Progressive Web Apps on top of the Magento 2 website. With Magento PWA Studio, the owner stores can have access to the latest front-end architecture and open web APIs to rebuild their stores into the newest standard. Magento PWA Studio equally gave an array of advantages and disadvantages for creating PWA based business storefronts.


  • Magento’s PWA solution has already been implemented across many successful projects.
  • The tool comes with the backing of a strong contributor community.
  • It has a dedicated PWA team to offer support and come with solutions.
  • It is an open-source and free toolset.
  • It provides loaded with GraphQL support.
  • It is well-equipped with every different tool required for creating a custom storefront.


  • No offline mode for iOS devices: The Progressive Web Apps by the Magento PWA Studio don’t seem much compatible with the iOS devices, especially during a lack of connectivity. The apps don’t work much as in the offline mode. The Android devices are served quite well.
  • It still is under development: The Magento PWA Studio is still a newbie and most of its functions are still under process. It needs more time to be considered a fully accomplished project.
  • Restricted for Magento Back-end: The Magento PWA Studio project is confined to the Magento website only. That is, only the e-commerce websites with a Magento back-end can make use of it.
  • It provides a slow-release process.
  • This toolset as of now is only available for online store running with Magento 2.3.x or higher version.

Benefits of Vue Storefront over Magento PWA Studio

As for e-commerce PWA, Vue Storefront offers huge benefits over Magento PWA Studio. The VueJS based front-end generates a universal demo front that can be easily added to any e-commerce back-end. The separately designed demo website can be well synchronized with the back-end with easier API calls. As a result, the custom front-end can be re-used by the development team multiple times without hassle. We have previously explained the disadvatages of the PWA Studio. Let us have a brief check if Vue Storefront is worth a try:

  • Fulfill in every aspect
    While Magento 2 PWA  Studio still struggles with its funtions to be called a full-fledged project, Vue Storefront is a derivative of the long-known JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React. The functions and their use are well known to the programmers involved.
  • Works universally for all the store
    Dont like Magento PWA Studio apps, Vue Storefronts are separated with the back-end. Therefore, they can be utilized across multiple websites. The PWA front can be regulated through easier API calls making it a highly reusable option.
  • Relatively faster than Magento PWA Studio
    Magento PWA Studio uses ReactJS while the Vue Storefront uses Vue as the framework. This helps the Vue storefront Magento PWAs faster and way more responsive than the other.

For eCommerce, PWAs are the future. The Progressive Web App through Vue Storefront can be really a credible solution for enhancing customer experience and to boost business conversion.

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PWA is available

Now all that’s left for you to do is make a decision on which one should you use. While both of these platforms has their perks, you should always select one that best fits your needs as well as your Magento website’s.

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