Web design: 7+ tips to increase your sales


The eCommerce industry is growing rapidly year over the past few years. As we see more and more businesses move their services online, a greater need arises for websites that are designed and built to sell. However, your website may have huge traffic, and your ranking in the search engine results pages may be high, but if your sales remain to be unimpressive, you might want to take a closer look at your web design.


Web design sample: Supro – Minimalist AJAX Magento 2 Theme

In short, web design could have an impact on sales, and it’s important that you tweak your web design to drive them. In this article, we would like to introduce 7 tips (or more!) for web design to increase your sales. 

1. Create an effective landing page


Landing page of your web design

A landing page is where the road to conversion begins. In order to attract leads and customers, your landing page must have a strong headline. A high-quality image or an informative video that draws attention would also be a nice touch. However, you have to make sure the landing page defines all the benefits you are offering in very clear terms. If the offer of your landing page is not appealing and clear enough, you should reconsider carefully about it and give it a clean, minimal yet effective landing page for your site.

2. Have easy navigation


Easy navigation on web design sample: Modus – a Woocommerce theme

Hypothetically, your site has an outstanding interface design with a lot of in-line color that match your webpage’s purpose, but the navigation feature is poor. What will happen? It doesn’t take a genius to know that visitors will spend less time on your website and therefore improve your chances for conversions if they find navigation to be difficult. Dividing categories clearly, making all navigation elements clickable links, and putting up a working search feature are just some of the web design elements you can tweak to make your site easily navigable. 

3. Avoid click fatigue


Click fatigue may burn out the workers

Click fatigue is happening all around e-commerce society. For example, in the healthcare industry, poorly designed electronic medical records systems with too many dialogue boxes and login prompts are a growing contributing factor to worker burnout.  Website visitors, on the other hand, will just leave the page. So, limit the number of clicks it takes for a visitor to make a purchase or complete an action to improve website conversions. That way, your site will get more visitors, which can result in higher conversion rates and boost sales.

4. Responsive to other platforms


Web design must be responsive

The way people access the Internet has changed dramatically, which the appearance of smartphones and tablets. To be more specific, the number of users browsing the Internet by computers has undergone a decline, while users using the Internet on their mobile devices has increased significantly over the past few years. So when you build an eCommerce site, it must be optimized for mobile users. In other words, your eCommerce website design should be responsive. If there’s ever a time for you to make your site as mobile-friendly as it can be, now would be it.

5. Optimize loading speed


Optimizing loading speed of your web design

The speed with which a page loads could spell the difference between visitors buying something from you or dropping it altogether. If visitors are met with inept design and painfully slow load speeds, they’re going to leave immediately. To be more exact, research from Stanford reveals that 75% of internet users will make judgments about a business’s credibility based solely on their web design. Therefore, the lesson is to use web design elements smartly for maximum impact and quicker load speeds.

6. A hard-to-miss Call-To-Action button


CTA button on your web design

For your visitors to take any action, make sure your CTA button that your web design contains is in a prominent, easy-to-discover place, like somewhere above the fold. It will also help if it’s in red or any other attention-grabbing color. The content of your button must also strike directly to the need of your customers. A simple, yet appealing “Explore Now!” is much better than just reading such a long and unattractive letter included in your CTA button. This will provoke your customer’s curiosity, which will eventually lead to more sales.

7. Include social proof in your web design


Including social proof on your web design

Testimonials and reviews show that others have gone before you, and were happy that they did, giving new customers the confidence to take the plunge. Your web design needs to incorporate testimonials from satisfied customers who have availed to your offerings in the past. As long as the testimonials come with the real identities of past customers, they will be credible, which should make visitors trust you more. Another great way of showing social proof is to include a “best-sellers” section. This will emphasize your trust and increase your conversion rates as a result.

8. Keep contact forms design short and elegant


Simple contact form on the web design sample: Arangi theme

It is important to keep the “Contact” form short and sweet. Ask only for names, email addresses, and zip codes. That information is more than enough for you to get your products across and help on your selling rates. Believe us, you don’t want visitors to think you’re asking for too much information if you put in more fields. Besides, people hate filling out lengthy and excessive forms. They would rather move on to the next site than fill out additional fields. In short, just remember: the more simple your contact forms design is, the better selling rates you can achieve.


That may sum up 7+ simple tips for web design to increase your sales. Web design is undoubtedly has a notable impact on your sales, and optimizing your web design is of most important in order to sustain and develop your site. We – MageSolution offers a lot of themes and extensions that can optimize and beautify your web design. For more information, you should check it out at: MageSolution

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