Website design trends 2021: Biggest predictions for 2021

Web Design Trends 2021

Website design trends 2021 appears to share a popular theme: rather than aspiring to hi-tech fantasy, designers are looking at new heights of realism.  Look around, get inspired, and muse on the following web design trends to create a website that truly stands out in 2021

Web designers have risen to the occasion by exploring multiple avenues of visual communication that can create increased levels of engagement. This contains novelty typography art, unusual color schemes, 3D product simulations for online shoppers, to name a few. In order for you to get the most out of your website. Here are 8 web design trends that will also help make 2021 a bit brighter.

8 unique website design trends for 2021

1. Minimalist or maximalist extremes

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A design trend that absolutely refuses to quit, minimalism has become the bread and butter of the work of web designers over the last decade. But what is minimalist web design? Less a visual style and more a design principle, minimalist design is based on using only the essential elements – such as basic shapes, clean text, limited color palettes, and empty space – to create something simple, functional, and memorable. To keep it simple with minimalism, check out this Claue – Clean, Minimal Magento 2 and 1 Theme

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2. Parallax animation

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Parallax scroll effects have been a popular trend in website design for years, and in 2021 this trend is guessed to subtle and creative explorations of what can be accomplished with parallax. Keep in mind that too much movement in parallax effects can be not good for users with vestibular disorders because the illusion of depth and movement can lead to disorientation and dizziness. Here are some guidelines we see more designers taking into account to make sure they incorporate parallax minimally and without leading harm:

  • Don’t allow parallax effects to distract from the crucial information
  • Don’t make it harder for the visitor to complete a crucial task
  • Keep the number of parallax effects to a minimum
  • Reduce the amount of parallax movement within each instance
  • Constraining parallax effects within a small area of the screen
  • Contain an option for users to turn off parallax effects

3. Illustration

Web Design Trends

The illustration will certainly become an exploded website design trends 2021 across graphic design, social media. Plenty of companies, businesses, and creators are keeping up with the popularity of illustration and digital art, with many now integrating hand-drawn elements into their website designs — containing the likes of health insurance company AHM and even luxury fashion brand Gucci.

Following on from organic design, illustrations website design trends are amazing for including a crafty, authentic touch to your website and bring your website a welcoming feel.

4. Motion & Interactivity

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Video is considered to be the most engaging form of content online, so it’ will also become a big Website design trend in 2021. The motion and animation in web design is a simple and effective way to make an otherwise ordinary web page more appealing and engaging.

In a similar vein, many businesses have begun including more interactive elements to their online stores, such as quizzes, games, polls, and surveys. A
an intelligent example is Estee Lauder, whose website functions an interactive arcade game called ‘THE ANRCADE’ — a futuristic quest focused on earning ‘youth-creating power points’ to encourage their Advanced Night Repair cream.

5. Web design for causes

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Due to the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the different shelter-in-place orders that followed, the internet has become a refuge. Many brick-and-mortar businesses have also turned to the online space to keep their businesses afloat. And web designers were up to the task, creating significant and impactful designs.

Website design trends 2021 will continue to value this role in helping the world through troubled times. What this means is businesses focusing their web designs around their virtues, such as their sustainability efforts or community engagement. It means businesses getting on board with stock photos that reflect real, diverse shoppers. And it means an increase in the resources and trend of DIY web design, making website design accessible to everyone.

6. Scrolling transformations

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When visitors scroll, they are doing more than navigating your website: they’re interacting. The physical actions they do in real life — surfing their fingers over the mouse which lead to a response on the screen. Interaction is a form of participation, and when customers are joined in things that are happening, they are more likely to be excited and engaged.

Scrolling is one of the most effective methods of interaction, and as such, Website design trends 2021 are ramping up the visual feedback customers get when they scroll. This can range from full-color scheme adjustment to complex animated transitions to wholesale shifts in the layout

7. Vector art

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Including unique graphics in your store is always an effective way to make up your site. Graphic images not only mean sacrificing quality and loading time, but this is often a challenging reality in web design. Vector design trends bring a practical solution to this. The SVG format of the files assists customers to scale the visuals according to their requirements while keeping the quality of the original graphics. Whether you looking for a maximalist or minimalist design – or something in between – you’ll always find the SVG file you want.

 8. Captivating questionnaires

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Rather than having the visitors read product descriptions, more and more businesses are using questionnaires to create an interactive experience. These quizzes ask personable multiple-choice questions that are focused on the users’ likes and dislikes to subtly provide products to them.

This means landing pages that are more like a series of cards with animated transitions in between them than standard landing pages. This design trend also helps them much more interactive than the survey fields commonly added in the headers of landing pages. Having Get-to-know-you quizzes help the potential customers feel like they are already a part of the service before they’ve even performed.

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