Website footer: How to optimize it to improve Google ranking


The website footer is one of the most overlooked areas of a company’s website. Learn why it deserves more attention and how to optimize it to improve Google ranking.

1. Why is website footer important?

The website footer is located at the bottom of a web page and repeats some elements of the header/body copy, in addition to the fine print and copyright notices.

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Website footer increases visibility. It provides important information to the visitors that they don’t easily find on the main menu (About, Blog, Contact us). Therefore, here’s breakdown of why website footer is an essential element of any site:

  • Website footer gives visitors one more chance to take a desired action. If you want visitors to sign up for your mailing list, viewing a product demo, or contacting you, you can invite them at the end of a scroll. This is an effective call to action like the CTAs at the end of ads.
  • Website footer presents a path to continue engagement. The navigation links in the website footer make it easy for the visitors to keep exploring without forcing them to scroll back up.
  • Website footer provides access to important information such as copyright info, privacy statements, legal disclaimers

2. What to include in your website footer?

Copyright: In order to protect your website footer against plagiarism, have a year and the copyright symbol on the footer of your page.

Sitemap: An HTML version of a sitemap is useful for Google to find and index pages on your site. This is the most common link found in website footer which links to the HTML version of the sitemap.

Terms of use: This helps visitors with the legal discourse of your website where they are agree to use your service of products.

Privacy policy: The link in the website footer can document to users about the information the website collects, stores and uses.

Contact us: A contact information link is very important if you want a good user experience. “Contact us” link or submission form will help users find the information they are looking for to get in touch with you. You can add your customer care email, phone number and office address to this link.

Social icons: Place the social icons at the bottom right hand corner of the website footer. The footer is the best place to add icons that take users to social networks.

Email signup: A subscribe button to send interested visitors your company newsletters, promo emails and updates.

Besides, other elements to include in the website footer such as: image gallery, mission and values, awards and certifications, testimonials, latest blogs and articles, call to action

3. Why website footer links are important for SEO?

Website footer links can make or break your Google ranking. Therefore, incorporating the right amount of links in your website footer will help visitors navigate around your site.

Redirection: When the visitor reach the end of the website, what do you want them to do? Give them more interesting experience? Links on website footer will redirect your visitors to other page of your website. This can help your site get more traffic and have a better google ranking.

Mobile friendly: To generate and convert more leads on your website, you need to optimize your website for mobile use. It is easier to scroll on a phone and footer link to help them navigate through the website easily.

More links, higher SEO rank: Every single link on your website footer is analyzed for SEO ranking. Therefore, make sure that you keep just the right amount ready for visitors to follow.

4. How to optimize the footer for search engines (SEO)

A unique design is compulsory to attract visitors to stay on your website till the end. However, good SEO also gives your entire site more authority because of the number of keywords, relevant content and links in the website footer.

Keyword: The website footer is the right place to indicate your relevance to Google. If you include your mission, value statement or about us, this is a good opportunity to include your primary keywords. Many SEO experts have abused website footer text for keywords. Try and use your keywords as text, not a link. New scripts are able to see if a visitor came from a search engine and what keyword they search for.

Anchor text: It is an important part of website footer. In addition, it unlocks every potential link. Google uses external anchor text (text other pages use to link to your site) to see how other sites view your page. Although it is difficult to control how other sites link to your website, you can focus on the internal anchor texts used in the website footer. Besides, understand what type of anchor text and longtail keywords to use to research. And you can think about what users search for when they look for a product or service.

We look at the website footer as an important extension of the top navigation. The best website footer will act as a safety net for your users and help conversion rates by acting as a strong roadmap to the rest of your site.

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