When is the right time to redesign Magento Ecommerce Website?

It is undeniable that running businesses through online websites nowadays become common all over the world. Almost all humans’ daily activities are carried out with the Internet. So, a well-performance E-commerce website helps not only the enterprise boost their products but the clients approach those products conveniently as well

However, because of faster and faster science and technology development, the best websites at this time may not be the best one at another time. Therefore, almost successful businesses try to update their website to attract viewers and increase their conversion rates. So, when should we redesign Magento ecommerce website?
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For an online business, making a decision  for redesign Magento e-commerce website depends on the following points: 

Low conversion rate

redesign magento Ecommerce website

One of the most objectives of E-commerce websites is to attract viewers and make them concern about our products. While most web owners suppose their website worked well thanks to good traffic, the conversion rate definitely decides whether or not your web is useful.

Therefore, if the traffic on your website increases but the conversion rate is unchangeable or even decrease, it is time to redesign your website. Re-evaluating your keywords that attract relevant traffic is necessary because the right keywords will decide the high conversion rate and motivate your business. 

High bounce rate

 redesign magento Ecommerce website

On a Magento E-commerce website, bounce rate was seen as a judgment in effectiveness level of your E-commerce store. The bounce rate is too low or too high both effect to your web’s traffic. According to experts, a website has worked well when its bounce rate is about 30%. A higher bounce rate is absolutely a signal of some mistakes on your website. It is time to overcome your E-commerce store. 


Slow load speed

 redesign magento Ecommerce website

 If you want to buy some items on an E-commerce website but you have to wait for web loading, whether you will wait for moving from the homepage to the product page, to the price options, and to the variety of other pages, or you will find it on another website. 

The loading speed definitely decides your website’s bounce rate. Almost clients do not have patience enough to using a slow loading web whereas they have more convenient options. So your website’s bounce rate will increase, which seem that you beg your clients to find your competitors. Immediately, you have to ask some suggestions from experts for changing your website loading speed by purchasing some Magento Extensions relating to web load or changing to the new Magento theme for example, or your business will be fell down. 


Unattractive interface

Website’s bounce rate also increases because of an unattractive interface.

An amazing homepage can leave visitors the good impression and help them keep your website in mind. On the contrary, your store can make visitors boring and move to the other websites immediately. There will be no opportunity to know their demands for carrying out the approaching plan. Therefore, when your web interface looks uninteresting, viewers can click to your website but they do not long-last their views by moving to the other pages.

To follow your clients’ action, Google Analytics can help you analyze the visitors’ activities. You can depend on that and update your website with what the visitors were looking for.


Weak security 

redesign magento Ecommerce website

Security is a vital problem on not only the Magento website but all online service as well. Especially, clients have to leave their information on E-commerce websites, so your website must be guaranteed the security of your visitors. In the hi-tech era, hackers always update their methods for stealing information. Therefore, a Magento E-commerce website should be checked and refreshed to avoid valuable data breaches. 

There are many other signals for deciding to refresh a Magento E-commerce website. Nevertheless, the above are the most common reasons to make a decision on improving your store. For redesignning magento Ecommerce website is likely to give your store the new appearance. It can help your store become more attractive and motivate both your products and your brand as well.


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