Product video: Why you should use it on your ecommerce website?


Product video gives the business the chance to show customers the benefits and uses of your products right at the potential purchase. If you want one quick, easy and relatively inexpensive way to boost your performance of your site, the product video could be your answer. Let’s take a look at the reasons you should use the product video as the powerful strategy for your growth of your ecommerce site.

1. What is a product video?

Through the product video, you convey to your customers what your products can do. Moreover, the product video also makes the potential customers to understand all aspects of your product virtually instead of visiting site directly.

2. The keys to make the most effective product video

Keep it short

Video length matters! You make sure that the length of the product video doesn’t exceed 30 seconds. This is very important when you share it on the social media. In addition, it is always best to express the message of your brand.

Tell a story

You should create your product video that conveys a story. Then it will explain everything about your product in easy way. Besides, the product video shows your brand values in a unique way. Then it will entice more customers to buy from your site.

People- oriented

The product video is created to improve the understanding between the brand and customers. Therefore, the product video not only highlights the characteristic of the brand but also displays the emotion, honesty to increase conversion rates and sales.

3. The reasons why you should use the product video for your site

Google loves videos

In search results, Google displays a mix of search results. It includes video, image, news, maps and other mediums in addition to regular search results. Therefore, having the product video gives you an extra opportunity of ranking. Especially, it is better if none of your competition is using the product video in their stores. In addition, the research also shows that Google favors and prioritizes sites with videos. That means having the product video will give a greater chance of ranking in search engines.

The product video is more shareable and clickable

Studies indicate that people are more likely to share video more than text- based pages. Moreover, people also tend to click on a video thumbnail than something with text content or an image. To be more specific, when people like or share any video link on Facebook, a pop up automatically appears on their wall. This is visible to everyone who follows them. Besides, You Tube makes it easy for other people to embed your video on their site if they really enjoyed watching it.


The product video is popular with mobile users.

Nowadays, mobile devices have already gone faster than desktops in popularity everywhere. Furthermore, mobile users find the product video more accessible than tiny, informative and textual descriptions.

Young customers watch more video than TV

The younger people – the next generation of consumers have a lot of spending power. They are often watching less TV and more online video. Besides, they also look for the things they can share. And your product video might be a good option for them.

The product video converts the viewers to buyers

The best practices show that nearly 75% of consumers who have watched your product video making their purchase soon. The reason is that through the product video, they can understand how your products use. Then they can imagine using products themselves. This makes excitement for the product and can even feature adaptability options that your products offer, boosting its value.

The product video builds trust on your ecommerce site

In fact, your business has to spend a financial investment to create the product video. After that, you spend time to build the content of the product video to show customers that they believe in their own product. This gives your customers the assurance and comfort when purchasing products. In addition, when they feel happy with their purchasing decision, they might even share their experience with others. In short, the product video is now considered an effective tool for many ecommerce websites.

4. Where should you use a product video?

There are 3 main channels where the product video are used:

Welcome series email

Product pages

Paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram,..

Remember that a product video using for a welcome series email will be different from it’s an abandoned cart email. More specifically, to welcome a customer, you should introduce your brand and top products. Later, you should encourage customers to make their purchase based on the product video about reviews or feedback.


A product video is the best and the most popular form of content and it will stay longer. In addition, the product video is one of the ideal method to get closer to your audience and give them a real – life experience. Are you using product video for your ecommerce website? Do you need any help or want share your experience? We suggest that you should Magento themes created by ArrowHiTech or install the Magento product video extension to sell more products online.

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