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Magento 2 Lookbook

The Lookbook is a magical tool which allows you to create multiple image collections for your products basing on the images you upload.


Community Edition: 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x
Enterprise Edition: 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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The Lookbook is a magical tool which allows you to create multiple image collections for your products basing on the images you upload. What makes this extension so special and unique is that it offers a Pinning option for every image, i.e you can pin different images for products/ items onto the main image, which ultimately envisages a comprehensive look and feel for the whole set of product as well as the individual items taking up that set. These specialties are undeniably crucial to any shops showcasing fashion items and fashion accessories or whatever stores you name it.

Lookbook for Magento 2

How it works

As of an Admin, you are granted a privilege to create countless lookbooks in the blink of an eye and with a peace of mind

Pin Product

Bring customers a product collection just with an image

A set of product collection but you find nowhere to put their description? Our extension Lookbook is an interesting way to give each item in the collection a separated tag.

Motivate customer to buy product in combo package or in set

One of the benefits of showing products in combo, is to inspirit buyer to buy as many products as possible. Rather than showing too many detailed images, just one image containing a set of items is enough. Customer will see how these items are involved in each other, and may spend their money.

Add Pin to Image

Easily work with the pinned attachment

Easily find the product you want to attach by its SKU code.

Our search engine will help you find the attached product just by some keywords. A way to save your time effectively.

Besides, admin can edit the label of each pin (or Product Price will be automatically assigned to label) and change the position of the image popup upon customer’s click on the icon.

So, admin are able to pinned that extra “note” anywhere suitable onto the image. Everything is up to the administrator.

2 kinds of pin: product detail and custom text

Since pin is considered as a note, it can be a note for product or just something special that store owner want to tell the customer.

Countless pinned points in uploaded image.

Pin Product Type
Pin Text Type

Add All to Cart button

Add Pin Product All to Cart

This button help customers save time for buying all products. If they consider these items, instead of clicking “buy now” several times, one click “Add all” will put all simple products (without options) in the current Lookbook or slider piece into the shopping cart.

Note that, when Add All to Cart button is focused, just only the pinned points of satisfied products will be displayed. Others, those do not belonged to kind of simple products without custom options, is automatically hidden.

Admin can choose to display this button or not, just one minute in admin panel.

Easily gather lookbooks as a smooth lookbook slider

A slider will contain all related lookbooks. And admin can choose which lookbook to be assigned to slider. Our Lookbook will generate a slider with smooth automation and beautiful effect, which is available for admin for creating an impressing slider.

Lookbook Slide Config
Lookbook Slide

Administrator-friendly operation configuration panel

Configuration is divided into 2 main parts. General configurations will be applied to both lookbook and slider item, and below ones are used for only slider.

Note that, almost default settings are available for a common lookbook/slider.

Admin is free to display the lookbooks or lookbook sliders at any positions and on any pages as per his wish through the help of Widget Insertion feature

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