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What Is Magento 2 CMS Page Builder

Magento 2 CMS Page Builder is an extension allowing you to edit CMS pages, product description and category description a effortlessly and visually at front-end. As a result, you can see what you've performed instantly whether it is a minimal adjustment right on user interface. No coding knowledge requires.

Fully compatible with Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.x, Magento 2.3.x, Magento 2.4.x

Product Description Builder (New Feature)

An amazing feature which extends the creativity of site owner.

For every e-commerce websites, product description is one of the most important factors, contributes considerably to the purchasing decision of customers. An attractive product details has always been a difficult problem for Magento platform as the default product description doesn't seem interesting and easy to customize.

For those admins who even experienced in coding, it is still hard to generate a perfect product description, which meets the demand of beauty, creativity, harmony, attraction and any resolution requirements among devices.

For those admins who have no experience in coding knowledge, the idea of building an amazing and unique description block style tends to be more and more difficult, as there is almost no way to customize it, as the way they want, without some help from developers.

Builder is now applied to help admin edit manually the product description, effortlessly and visually at front-end. We also support all builder elements with full effects and animation. A flawless way to optimize your store appearance and boost the customers’ purchasing decision.

Unlimited sections and block. Countless elements and effects. Build everything you want as the way you like with just some clicks!

Magento 2 Product Description Builder

Category Landing Builder (New Feature)

Category Landing Builder

In almost E-commerce system, Category landing pages contribute significantly to the success of marketing and sales purpose. They also encourage greater brand loyalty, push your page up Google’s search rankings and educate people about your products.

It’s important to build an attractive category landing page, which can be defined as a perfect mix of good contents and aesthetic design. A page including Images, videos and other striking elements will not only keep your viewers stay on your page but also help to increase your Google ranking.

However, Magento only allows creating category content based on 3 kinds of display: static blocks only, products only and both. To create a category landing page in Magento, you have only one option: use static blocks. And as you know, to change the content of static block, the only thing admin can do is to use the default Magento editor, which is usually an obstacle for even admin experienced in coding.

Using our Builder, everything is solved within seconds. We also apply full Builder elements to help admin directly edit content of Category Landing Page at their disposal.

Let us help you to create several visual and eye-catching builder elements right on front-end. Another flawless way for appearance enhancement and sales force optimization.

Category Landing Builder

Compatible with any Magento 2 themes

Empower you to create as many CMS Pages as possible

Suitable For All CMS Pages

Visual & Friendly

You can see directly what you want to build and change

Builder Accounts' Page Editing Permission

Let’s think about a problem: Now you are a site owner, and you want some content writers to edit their own assigned pages. Each writer has a frontend-builder account, and each account should have a separate list of accessible pages.

Builder Accounts’ Page Editing Permission feature will allow you to deal with this problem. Just by assigning editable pages to builder account, each content writer will have their own page editing rule. And you, the site owner, will in absolute control even if your site grows bigger and bigger.

However, you can be satisfied that every page is already in rule even when user goes back or goes forward in web browser. Losing data? Interrupting working process? Don’t worry because it still saves all your work, which made your working process safe and uninterrupted.

Export - Import - Restore

CMS Builder - Export Feature

Want to easily get the latest layout of your CMS page with full information with only one click?

You are a site owner and already have a beautiful CMS page created by CMS Page Builder. You want to get the layout, in other words, the arrangement of your page, to use it for later purposes. This export function is the solution.

The layout displayed on your front-end will be quickly turned into a file immediately before it is auto-downloaded. Later, you can reuse these layout for your other sites without creating a new one. Bring the this newest, most immediate and updated layout near to you.


While exporting helps you turn the visual page into a brief layout, importing does the contrast work: transfers the available layout to the real CMS page.

You have a favorite layout that you really want to display it on your page. With this import feature, within a minute, you can effortlessly import any builder layout to decorate your CMS page without manually creating and configuring sections and blocks.

Everything you need is just an available layout stored in your storage. It saves you a great amount of time!

CMS Builder - Import Feature
CMS Builder - Restore Feature

This is the combination of exporting and importing.

Basically, whenever the page is published, the current layout of the page will be generated, and it saves all changes.

The restore function allows reusing any of old versions, notified by the date of creation. We save all layout files.

Easily find and import old versions to your CMS page without manually storing. Convenient and correct!

What're Premiums in Commercial version ?

Compare features to find your most.



New Feature

Product Description Builder


Category Landing Builder



Section Limit

6 Sections

Duplicate Section


Block Elements

Copy & Paste Block


Heading Element


Content Text & Image Element


Slider Element


Promo Banner Element


Profile Element


Accordion Element


Video Element


Google Map Element


Content Box Element


Counter Box Element


Countdown Box Element


Chart Element


Progress Bar Element


Progress Circle Element


Divider Element


List Element


Category List Element


Category Products Element


New Products Element


Products by Attribute Element


Sale Products Element


Top Rate Products Element


Deals Element


Product Tabs Element


Single Product Element


Facebook Fanbox Element


Twitter Timeline Element


Instagram Element


Instagram Shop Element


Image Element


Button Element


Table Element


Masonry Gallery Element


Tabs Element


Modal Popup Element


Form Element


Backend Configuration

Builder Accounts' Page Editing Permission




Custom Style


Export - Import - Restore


Show Ads


From h1 to h6 with many options to make the heading as you want.
Heading block

Easily to create text & image content with the help of the editor.
Text & Image block

Create catchy banners with 11+ nicer effects
Promo Banner block

Embed youtube and vimeo videos with many options
Video block

Create animated counter elements with many options
Counter box block

Break up content and draw the users eye to the next section
Divider block

Create list of categories with many options
Category list block

Showing new products with different view options
New products block

Showing top rate products with different view options
Top rate products block

Showing facebook fanbox on your webpage
Facebook fan box block

Showing twitter timeline on your webpage
Twitter timeline block

Select the product you want to display on the page
Single product block

2 types of image frames ("Single Image" and "Before & After")
Image block

Create a beautiful, responsive carousel slider.
OWL Carousel block

The Masonry Gallery element is perfect for showcasing a set of images
Masonry block

Display your staff, team or favourite people with style and ease
Profile block

Multiple sections of varied, selecting which to show or hide at any time.
Accordion block

Add google map to your webpage with many options.
Google Map block

Create content box with many options for your webpage.
Content box block

Create Countdown to show for a special event, sale, anniversary, etc.
Countdown box block

An elegant, powerful and beautiful tool that allows you to publish gorgeous charts
Chart block

A graphical control used to visualize the progression of an extended operation
Progress bar block

A great way to visually attract the viewer and display content.
Progress Circle block

Allows you to easily add beautifully styled lists anywhere to your site.
List block

Many options to add buttons to your webpage.
Button block

Unlimited columns and a visual table interface that makes it easy and fun to create tables.
Table block

Tabs are perfect for displaying a bunch of organized information in a small area.
Tab block

Modal popup that can be used to show additional content on a page.
Popup block

Easy to create send mail form with 8 different input types
Form block

Showing products by category with different view options
Category products block

Showing products by attribute (Yes/No) with different view options
Attribute products block

Showing sale products with different view options
Sale products block

Showing deal products with different view options
Deal products block

Display products as tabs with many options
Product Tabs block

Showing instagram images on your webpage with many options
Instagram block

Showing instagram shop on your webpage with many options
Instagram block

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