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Magesolution, a super brand by AHT TECH JSC, has made its trademark well-known globally with pioneering technologies and certified, talented developers specially in Magento eCommerce solutions for over a decade.

AHT TECH JSC was founded in 2007, focusing on providing software design and development and IT outsourcing services for a large number of customers all around the world. We are proud to staff more than 200 developers in 6 subsidiary offices located across 9 countries.

Our mission is to bring our sophistication, coherence and unity to every bit of our software products to deliver a healthy, impressive yet profit-driven business for all of our customers.

MAGENTO 2 Progressive Web Application Development

Quick-win solution to reach and engage the rapidly growing number of mobile users
Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a new standard introduced by Google and promoted powerfully by all major players like Microsoft and Apple. It incorporates the best features offered by modern browsers with the benefits of native mobile applications which makes your revenue increase significantly.

Why is a PWA beneficial to your Magento website?

Win Google ranking

Google ranking

Thanks to mobile-first indexing, PWAs are ranked higher even on desktop

Speed up your development process

Speed up
your development process

You create your PWA once and use it as a mobile site, desktop site, mobile app and other

Increase conversion rate

conversion rate

A PWA usually loads in 2-3 seconds which makes the bounce rate decrease and user engagement increase instantly

Seamless Offline Operation

Offline Operation

Run your store even when the user has a weak, or even no network connection

Engaging Push Notification

Push Notification

Stay in touch with customers, upsell and increase loyalty even after the purchase

Quickly Add to home Screen

Quickly Add
to home Screen

Enable users to save your commerce website to their home screen

Magento 2 PWA

How do we help you
build a powerful Magento 2 PWA
that fits your business needs?

We will start the Magento 2 PWA devepment process by planning the entire working of the app before coding actually. This phase will have better understanding your requirement, needs and hence select the perfect architecture frame by frame for a structured app experience.

During the development and deployment of your web application, our professional developers will communicate and support you continuously. In addition, we will add checkpoints to reduce cost of ownership of this web app by cutting down maintenance cost. As a result, the sustainable and structured app development will boost the scalability of your products after completing the project.

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