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  • Landing page: How to create it effectively in Magento

    The main purpose of building an online shop is to make shoppers not only go to your website from Google. The main purpose is to keep your customer engaged and purchase some of your products. You can encourage them to explore the items by using landing pages. Ideally, your landing page should target your visitors to a product page. If you want to in...

  • How to choose the excellent Magento Web Development Company in Vietnam

    Magento is a robust, simple, scalable platform. In fact, it is the first choice of big eCommerce brands such as Pepsi, Levis, Macy’s, and many others. Building the Magento website with an experienced “Magento developer”, “Magento development company” or “Magento vendor” who can provide you services combining website designing, website...

  • Retail Technologies: Trends will impact your business most in 2020 Retail Technologies

    Technology is changing the way every industry does business by assisting to generate effectiveness, save money, and improve better products and services. Retail businesses are also adopting technology to their advantage. Here are the top 8 retail technologies trends that will transform shopping in 2020. Continue reading →...

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