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Magento Theme Membership

Magento Themes Membership is ideal for those who are seeking bundles of incentives without having to pay that much as of individuals. Besides, members are able to access to unlimited source of Magento extensions and themes including latest releases and updates. Pay just once but get a bunch of benefits.


ArrowHiTech Jsc has achieved more than 6 years of experience working on Magento commerce and completed 2000+ Magento projects so far. Thanks to our rich experience in the realm, our proficient team of Magento developers and managers have designed and developed a lot of useful extensions exploiting great features of Magento among which MGS Front-End Builder is one of the best extensions.
With our experience and passion, we released MageSolution membership club which will help you to get all Magento extensions & themes. It is a fundamental for you to build any websites as you want.
All of our Magento themes hosted on MageSolutions are built on MGS Front-end builder and tons of extensions. A subscriber to the club reserves the whole privilege to create your own Magento websites and meet & fit any kind of the business you're having with just a mouse click-away. There is no other easier way to save you much time and money.

So, Don't have any reason to stop Signing up MGS club right now!!

top reasons to buy

  • MGS Front-end Builder integrated

    Allows you to build/ configure your web pages at Front-End visually & friendly without having to log in the admin back-end and save you time to make a website as you want

  • Tons of extensions made available

    Useful extensions are integrated into theme to help you having everything for an eCommerce website

  • Mobile themes optimized

    Mobile optimization themes are is designed with intelligence and good UX design for all mobile devices

  • Meet & Fit any kind of the business

    MGS themes meet and fit with all store from small shop, medium shop, big shop, to supermarket or shopping mall and any kind of business you think of

  • Regular theme updates & Future themes 

    Themes & extensions will be updated according to Magento versions and any great ideas. Also, a new theme will be released per month

  • Time and Money saving

    With MGS themes, You can save much time and money when using MGS Front-end builder & a lot of extensions to builder your site

  • Unlimited domains

    Join to MGS club right now! We don't limit domain usage. So, you can use/ configure any MGS themes for any your domains or your client's domains as you want!

  • All source files included

    Download the package and you will have all source code, graphic design files and all documentation

  • Online documentation & Video guides

    With online documentation & video guides detail, it's easy for you to use/modify the extensions, themes

  • We love support! Your questions do make us stronger!

    Yeah, that's right! Supporting you means to help your business succeed. Your feedback contributes great ideas for our products improvement. Owing to this, our company will be more and more successful!

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